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Milna, Brac

Milna is located on the western part of the island Brac, 18 kilometers from Supetar. It is famous by its marvellous bay, in which the ships of the emperor Diokletian have found a secure harbour in the time of the building of his palace in Split.
Today there is a marina with several berths, modern equipped for a secure stay and the service of yachtsmen from the whole world.

Island brac - milna harbourStories about the beauty of the harbour Bobovisca, the villages Lozisca, Bobovisca and Podhume and the surrounding bays have passed the Croatian borders a long time ago.

The crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing, and a fast connection to the land: a catamaran from Milna and a ferry from Supetar, an airplane from the 35 km far away Airport Brac, are the main means of the arrival of guests to Milna, which is built in a typically Mediterranean style with a baroque church finished in 1783 in which is the most beautiful altar pala on the island Brac.
Milna Apartments
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