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postira apartmentsAccommodation in Postira - holidays 2019!

Apartments Postira, island Brac - Browse through our offer of accommodation in Postira, Brac - private houses, apartments - guest reviews!


Postira was first mentioned in the 14th century. Postira is a little Mediterranean town located on the northern side of the island Brac, 8 kilometers from Supetar. Coming out from the clear blue of the Adriatic, Postira climbs up the hill to embrace the centuries old olive fields and pine forests that partly replaced dead vine and also it comes into the fertile valley of vine yards and tangerine to the south.

Postira stretches their roots deep into the past, which testify three early Christian localities and among them the most famous are the remains of a basilica in Lovrecina, a bay with a source and a very beautiful sandy beach.
island brac - postira Postira is beautiful in every season!  The village is decorated even in January with the almond-bloom. When the crazy time of carnival stops, and the cold northern bora winds clear the sea and the landscape, the vineyards and the fig-plantages put forth buds, and the meadows become green. Young sheep were born and sage, heather and the yellow glister are .... the nature.

brac, postiraIn the summer Postira shows its hospitality. Many bays and beaches come to life by the variety of the domestic tourist offer. While the cicadas play their concert, you can hear also the song of travellers and smell the fresh fish from the grill.

Postira is beautiful also in the autumn. Left alone, it entertains itself with the vintage of grape, mandarins and olives, and the vineyards become lively by the songs of the hard-working people. The new cultivated plantages of golden-coloured fruits and the century old olive fields are filled with this the God given tree announce also new times of post- season and ecological tourism.

In the winter Postira isn't also without its magic: Christmas- Eve, the ethnic-colors of church rituals, the long evenings around the fire- place. island brac - postira The November rain covers the thirsty soil. And when for change the cold bora- wind touches the core of the bones, the wood collected in autumn burns, gives warmth and calls into the memory the ancient times of mythological Brac of whom the writer Vladimir Nazor, who was born in this little town, talks in his poem "Shepherd Loda".

The hidden beauties of every season, friendliness of people and the hospitality in the comfortable hotels and private apartments will remain for long time in your memory.
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