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Povlja is situated 10 km on the east from a ferry port Sumartin. This village arose in a cove that is also called Povlja, whose inhabitants occupy themselves with wine-growing, olive-growing and fishing. Povlja is surrounded by many bays (Travna, Smokvica, Ticja luka, Tatinja) with different sorts of beaches, and in the cove Povlja itself there is a safe port.

The harbour of Povlja and Luke on the west were the main anchorages for Roman ships. The remains of amphoras affirm such a hypothesis.

island brac - povlja beachesThe remains of the biggest Christian Basilica on the island Brac are from the 5th or at latest the first part of the 6th century, which attracts the interest of many tourists, are nearby to the parish church in Povlja. Until today a true ground- plan with an atrium, portal, sanctuary, baptism-well and the late antique baptisterium with remains of freskos and kapitul have been preserved.
Povlja Apartments
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